Art Project

This art project features different photographers and techniques featured in our photography project. See the commentary for explanation.

Dorothea Lange is one of the artists that we used for our project. This is her most famous photograph called "Migrant Mother" that became a symbol of the Great Depression.
This is an example of the black and white photography technique. It is evident to the viewer that this monochromatic technique highlights particular aspects of the photo that color is not able to do.
This is another illustration of black and white photography. This photo illustrates that this style continues to be popular long after the invention of color photography.
This is another example of Dorothea Lange's photography. Her photographs continue to be a symbol of people struggling against poverty and social hardships. 
This is an example of night photography, which uses the contrast of the dark night sky with the illuminating light. 
This is another example of the technique of night photography. 
Dorothea Lange worked in San Francisco area from 1918 until the 1930's where she captured effects of the economic decline that was so prevalent in the United States. 
This photo represents the use of the technique of motion blur bringing focus on the woman in the foreground of the photo.
This is an example of the technique of natural light photography, which provides a very real atmosphere for the viewer. 
This is another example of motion blur photography. 
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