Leonardo da Vinci

This gallery's theme is the artist of each of the works...Leonardo da Vinci. This gallery is about the different types of works da Vinci created. Specifically, what appeared to me to be the themes of his paintings. Portraits of people, religious art, or a mixture of the two.

This is an image of Leda, from the poem by William Butler Yeats titled Leda and the Swan. I chose this piece because of the beauty behind the image. It is clear that Da Vinci showed Leda's beauty.
The next piece I chose is this painting by da Vinci. I chose this piece because it is similar to the previous piece. The woman shows beauty. However, this woman's expression appears as if she is sad.
I chose this piece next, because it is another piece that is of the top half of an individual. Unlike the previous two pieces, this is of a warrior. Meaning this piece is more masculine, and less delicate.
This piece of The Last Supper is the first piece that I am showing of da Vinci's that has a religious theme. Leonardo da Vinci has many works with this theme.
This piece is another religious piece. This depicts the angel Gabriel, telling the Virgin Mary that she is to give birth to Jesus, and he would be the Son of God.
In this religious piece, that actually remains unfinished, we can see the Virgin Mary holding Baby Jesus, while the Magi kneel by her. The Magi, is another term for the Three Wise Men from the Bible.
This piece depicts the baptism of Christ. This is another one of da Vinci's religious themed pieces of art.
Lastly, this piece I chose because it is not only a portrait of the upper body of someone, but it also has a religious theme to it as well. Leonardo da Vinci has many upper body portraits, religious themed works, and some works interlocking the two.
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