Pink in History

How pink became used by many artists of our past

I like how this picture shows the different shades of pink in a landscape setting.
I chose this photo because it shows different hues of pink, the cloth brings out the colors.
This picture is one of my favorites because it shows how the sunlight reflects natural light on the flower.
I like the heavy lines used in this painting which shows lots of details like shading, color & texture.
I like how this picture shows dragon files flying around a tree with different branches, the pink flowers signify the life of the tree
I like how this painting reminds me of a 19th century Cinderella who just got done doing some chores around the house. I like how after doing all her hard work she still has a smile on her face.
I like the use of the Chinese characters used to describe the cherry blossom tree. The pink chosen for the painting was very soft.
I chose this picture because it shows unity of the people during the time of Christ, they are showing there gratefulness by wearing a color of purity.
This picture to me shows that it has just finished raining before sunrise, the sun is rising with pink and red hues over the trees. The brushstrokes show that its perhaps windy.
I chose this painting because I like how the artist used shadows, light and dark. The detail of the insects is very sharp.
I like how cubism is used in this painting mixing the pink hues.
I like this painting because it shows perspective "illusion" of the shapes being further away.
I like how this picture the painter uses brush strokes showing movement, flow of the water; this painting is very detailed with many brush strokes.
I like how this picture is shades of pinks, purples while being very detailed. You can see the details of the whole city.
I like this chose this picture because it the sunrise over a calm valley. It also shows the horizon from the view of the painter.
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