Prehistoric Aegean and Ancient Greece works

Cycladic art from Syros, Greece. The body can be broken up into triangles and depicts a nude female body which was most common for this time.
Minoan octopus jug from Palaikastro, Greece. It places dark figures on to a light background, although common for Minoans, they were one of the first to start doing it this way.
Mycenaean art from Mycenae, Greece. This culture was well known for their skilled metalwork especially in gold. Usually used somewhere along in the funerary process.
Archaic statue from the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. Women were always shown clothed during this time, with no contraposto although facial features and skin appear very soft.
Classical art from Pompeii, Italy. This is the type of thing you think of when people say Greek art. The perfect man is sought after, depicted nude in contraposto employing perfect proportions and ideal balance,
Hellinistic art from Rome, Italy. These artists kept the perfection and beauty of the classics before them but started to experiment with questionable subject matter. Simply a boy with a thorn, no god or ideal human.
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