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heroic code

a frieze of Ajax killing himself by throwing himself on his sword. This is representative of the heroic code as Ajax's shame from having dishonoured himself and the heroic is what led him to end his own life. Ajax attempted to kill what he thought was Agamemnon and Menelaus, the Greek leaders, but were actually sheep and cattle as Athena had driven Ajax insane, but by attempting to kill them he brought shame upon himself and broke the heroic code. You can also see that Ajax is smiling as he falls in his sword, showing he feels he is redeeming himself and regaining some honour by ending his own life.
this is representative of the heroic code  as it shows how hector is prevented from having the proper burial that a warrior like him deserves. hector lies on the floor, beneath the other men in the scene, disgracing him.
the shield of Achilles is representative of the heroic code as it is an important piece of armour and shows Achilles' heroism as not just any Greek soldier could own such a shield. the finely detailed design on the shield is unlike that which any other soldier would have. the shield has a man on a chariot on the middle, with the edges showing all sorts of different men and acts being commited, depicting the whole world
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