Coloring the world

This collection shows vibrant works of art on the streets, which are, in some way, coloring the world.

This work of art conveys a message to the public, they want more power for the workers. The artists made this beautiful mural using vibrant colors on a wall so that the whole world could see their art
This mural catches the viewers attention by the use of color on its composition using dark and light colors for contrast
This mural which covers an entire house uses warm and cool colors for contrast as well as vibrant tones to catch the public's attention.
This mural uses neon colors against a dark background making the piece standout from the rest of the wall.
This surrealist mural uses many different colors in layers giving the viewer different parts to focus on at a time. The composition uses a lot of orange and green which are very earthy
This mural uses only a few colors on specific part making them stand out such as her scarf or the blue background
This mural has only two colors, using their tones the artist was able to give the piece dimension
This mural was made by a combination of artists, all who which used vibrant colors giving the drivers something pleasant to look at while driving through the overpass.
This artist used colors as a background to their name in an abstract compositions
This pieces uses strong colors giving it high contrast against each other making all the figures pop from the background.
These artists used both cool and warm colors in their composition, making the warm women figure stand out from the cool background.
This artist used black and white for the main figure and color figures and background to make them stand out.
Both these artist used women figures to be depicted, one using only one color and the other one using two as a transition.
This mural uses only black, greys and red for the composition. The red against the black and grey stands out giving the viewer where focus.
This was made by many artists, giving political messages of intervention of the US in Latin America. They used many strong colors which fight each other for attention but work together all the same
Credits: All media
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