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I really liked the lighting and shading that Tiepolo gave this art piece.
There is not much color in this art piece but the little bit of color that stands out is the fiery yellow orange that wraps around the dragon and its claws are slightly yellow.
I really like this piece for the colors and even though it is scribble and lines dripping, they are symmetrical to each other.
I like this piece by Carr because the light vibrant use of colors. It gives a calming and spiritually feel.
This piece for the calming and contrasting color tones. I also like the very detailed texture on the flower.
This piece show symmetry with line being lined up with each other. I also like the bold, bright, and neon on colors on black.
I like the perspective of this piece because looks really are deceiving. We may think that Frida looks fat but you can see, its the layers of her dress that make us think that.
I like this piece because it's supposed to be a sad man, and his body is disoriented and curved like a river. I also like the texture on the little bit of ground that he his standing on.
The perspective of this image is a man painting a caracul horse and taken up close by the caracul horse itself.
I like this piece because the green skin color of the woman contrasts on the red background and her yellow dress.
I love the use of color in this mural, it gives a sad and calming feel to it. The colors that were used, go perfectly together.
I found this piece intriguing because of the dark use of colors and if you look at the background people, they are all symmetrical in a sense. I also like the texture of the clouds and the ground.
I really like this piece for the use of colors, and aside from the given, the colors help give an apocalyptic feel.
I like the perspective of this piece because Gerilya used there walls to make it look like a man trying to break free.
I really like the use of color in this mural because it almost give the man a godly look or is very powerful.
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