The Story of My Life Helen Keller - A tour through her life and her story.

Docent - Meera Gandhi

Selected Epigraph "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt by the heart.-Helen Keller. In nature you feel open and it is an emotional expirience, Helen stays in nature for a lot of the book.
Universal Theme I put Determination as the universal theme for this book because Helen had to fight through so many challenges in her life. She also persisted and learned how to talk, read, and write. I chose this picture because the girl looks really determined.
Tone The tone I chose for this book is speculative. It fits the book perfectly because Helen never really had the full picture, but she filled it in with her imagination. I chose this picture because her teacher, Mrs.Sullivan, helped the see the the world in a more wholesome way.
Historical Setting This book was written when Helen Keller was 21 in Radcliffe College. It was in 1902. I chose this picture because in 1902 the first T-rex bones were found, and the first gramophone recording was made.
Text to Text connection I connect this book to the book Out Of My Mind which is about disabled people. The girl ,and main character, goes through a lot to thin prejudice towards mentally and physically disabled people, just like Helen Keller did.
A Day in Helen Keller's Life Journal - This picture represents Helen's daily reads in thw woods, the feeling of the picture really is what drew me, it is calm yet has an undertone of drearyness.
Mandala We colored in a picture with colors that we thought represented our character, we then colored in the manala. I chose this picture becuase it is called layers, and I feel the colors on the mandala reveal layers of the character.
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