The color Blue used differently in the sky

The color blue used differently in the sky.

I chose this because the color blue is used in a very simple way, almost cartoon like, with just 3 different shades of blue.
I chose this painting because I like how the shade of blue used here.
This one is different because of the texture, the brushstrokes make for a very interesting look to the sky.
This painting seems dark or evil to me, but I like the texture of it.
This blues in the sky here are a lot less vibrant and make for a more gloomy feeling.
The sky here is much more gray than blue, which is normally the case in the winter or on rainy days.
I like how the sky in this painting is almost perfectly clear, no clouds in sight. And the blue smoothly transitions into more of a white at the horizon.
The way the sky is painted here reminds me a lot of Van Gogh.
The blue here is so faint and so subtle between the gold and the white it almost looks like it isn't even there. The light color contrasts nicely with the darks at the bottom of the painting though.
In this paining a darker shade of blue is used to illustrate a dark, cloudy night.
This is one of my favorite paintings. I love the clean vibrant colors that make up not just the sky, but the people, the grass, and the trees.
I love the way blue is mixed with yellow here to create "the golden hour" in a painting.
I chose this one because the clouds look like cotton candy.
This one caught my attention because it was hard for me to pick out the small strokes of blue between the purple.
I like this painting because the sky is very unnatural unlike most of the other artworks I found.
This painting by Albert Bierdstadt is my favorite because of the high contrast used.
This is another piece by Albert Bierstadt, but this one mixes blue with purple and pink to create a magical look on the Rocky Mountains.