Dinner For Five

By Dutch

For my location I choose the Oval Office. I choose it because two of the people I choose are presidents. For dinner I have Olive salad as an appitezer, the main dish is sushi with a side of fried rice, and for dessert we have creme-breule.
I invited Ronald Reagan because we recently studied him. Question: What do you think about North Korea testing nuclear weapons?
I invited JFK because America has recently restored relations with Cuba and he was in the Cuban Missile Crisis. Question: What do you think about America restoring relations with Cuba?
I invited Rockfeller because the stocks are dropping. Question: What do you think is happing to the stocks?
I invited Vanderbilt because on the news we saw something about the hypeloop. Question: What do you think about this new form of transportation?
My question for everybody would be ' What is your opinion of America today?
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