Yasseen's gallery

This picture is atractive because of it has two parts the one with fire and the part of peace
this image is atractive because it shows the artist is skilled enough to draw fur of an rabit with very good texture
This attractive because it looks lonely and has an open road
this looks intersting because it looks like mountains that are very fogy.
This looks intrsting it is an improvised violin
I think this is intersting becuase I love air planes and there are so many world war airplanes that are organised so well.
this looks intersting because it makes me wonder why the artist wanted to make the house look broken.
this picture gets my attention by the background and the horizon line. I also like the sunset in the picture its amazing.
I wonder why the author decided to draw something like this because it is amazing and the color of the sunset is awsome with the clouds.
I love how the artist made the place and river look sooooooooo real and how he inserted a human taking his horse for a drink.