Hippies: Teaching us how to enjoy again

By Quinn Sharkey.                                                                       This collection helps to counter the stereotypical social view of hippies. Rather than being dirty, and lazy, this collection will show the free spirited, fun loving, happy side of hippies.They take time to enjoy even the tiniest things in life, while being comfortable in their skin and respecting everything living. They just want to have a good time with their life, and don't want to bother anybody.

An image that helps illustrate just how many people there are that are at least a little bit hippie. This photo was taken during one of the sets at Woodstock.
Two people enjoying the intimacy and company of each other while basking in the feeling of a waterfall, one of Nature's natural beauties.
Three people enjoying some relaxing time near a waterfall surrounded by nature. They appreciate small things in life such as thee bauty of nature.
A group of Hippies relaxing in a tree, enjoying the presence and serenity of nature with each other.
A young girl taking the time to sit down, and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.
Playing music is one of the favorite past times of Hippies (at least ones that know how to play.) There are likely countless other hippies listening to the music coming from this man's heart.
Another example of people playing music from their hearts and other people enjoying the noise that they are creating.
This photo captures the comfort and respect that hippies posses for other human beings. They are all in close quarters while some people have brought their personal vehicles right into the crowd.
This photo shows the sometimes eccentric style style and comfort that hippies posses in order to wear things like this in such large crowds.
When it comes down to it they generally take their time with things, and enjoy everything they can no matter how small. This man's body language suggests he is in no rush to cook his food.
This picture shows the "far out" style of hippie art. Many artists during this time were influenced by psychedelic drugs, which is potentially why they are able to make such strange scenes.
This is a flyer for a music festival around the same time as Woodstock. The two events weren't directly competing, but this shows just how common events like that were when the hippies flourished.
Another flyer for the same event, but this one appears to have less of an out there feel. That is until one looks at the woman in the middle and realized that she has what appears to be a playing card on her head.
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