This artwork reminds me of the autumn.
The bright turquoise to the dark orange reminds me of fall.
This painting is of summer at sea.
The bright colors remind me of fall.
The bright blue background and bright orange leaves remind me of fall .
This painting resembles bright colors which I think of fall.
The yellow and white remind me of a bright fall day
This picture reminds me of Spring going out of Winter
The trees darker colors remind me of summer getting to fall.
These bright yellows remind me of Fall
This painting looks like fall in the mountains
This picture looks like summer because of the fruits.
The colors remind me of summer because the bright green colors.
This photo reminds me of winter because of the snow and the bare trees
This reminds me of winter because of the ice skating rink and all the snow.
This reminds me of Fall because in the fall you usually harvest your hay and in the photo there harvesting hay.
This reminds me of winter because of the heavy coats, Ice Skating Rink, and Snow.
This reminds me of fall because of the pink leaves, bright blue water, and green bushes
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