A symmetrical balance can be seen within all of the pieces I have chosen due to the fact of the equality on either ends or the way that the details displayed have shown a deeper story through illustrations. 

I have chosen this piece because it provides a Universal Design Principle of symmetry on not just cut from top to bottom, but as well as cut from left to right. The details are symmetrical and equal.
What drew me to this piece was not because of the shape,but the details that were inside.The details completes the other by displaying war on the top and a ceremony on the bottom which shows contrast.
This piece displays the origin of the savior christ,but was chosen due to the fact that it shows similarity as well as divergence.This shows that not everything is symmetrical or perfect in the piece.
Everything about this painting is similar on both sides, although if you look closely there are a few flower pieces that are not similar on both sides.
I've chosen this mask because there is a balance on both ends of the mask although, I believe that because of the way it was made and the years of deterioration,the mask is not as perfect as it looks.
I chose this artwork because I like how the background defines similarity with the plants appearing as the other part but the main focus;which are the faces do not.
This painting was chosen because although, the background is not the same is any direction I focus on the totem poles which appear the same as you look at the animal faces and where they were placed.
Two women dressed differently although I'm drawn because this displays that woman can do what they set their mind onto.One is ready for war as the other is holding a book.
There is a balance of harmony within this piece. The harmony is extracted from the mother figure that is seen on top of the cabinet clock with her children. This piece shows calmness and safety.
There is an equality between land and sea. I have chosen this piece because although, the bushes may imbalance from the horizon there is still symmetry by viewing what is underneath the plants.
This lamp was chosen because all around the piece the details make up for the symmetrical work and depicts equality.
I have chosen this piece as part of the Element of Art:symmetry because of the tree trunks stops as well as cuts off from the rest of the painting.
This wedding scene was chosen because everything within the painting seems as though it is exactly as the same as the other side although there are slight differences.
The plants allow for completeness on both ends of the painting as well as the types of plants used and the way they were drawn out displays to the viewer a balance as seen from wrapped plants.
The tapestry was chosen because of the fact that on every side of the tapestry there is a symmetrical balance also not only that but also there is a story that is told through all of the plants used.