Blooming From The Canvas

The study and depiction of flowers in art throughout time has ranged from adding detail to artworks with figures as the focus. However, gradually assuming flora as a subject matter instead became more common. Artists were interested in capturing the real world as closely as they could, including the epitome of nature's beauty.  Flowers became the main subjects of still lifes, studies and landscape paintings. None of these paintings of flowers left any trace of wilting or lack of liveliness. Instead artists aimed to represent these flowers in full bloom, using vibrant colors and immense detail. The ability to reproduce nature also helped boast of the artists skills and technique. 

Late Renaissance A manuscript painting with gold accents, representing bundles of five different types of flowers bunched together.
Impressionism Serving as a part of a landscape, these flowers take up the foreground of the painting. They invade our space trailing from one end of the field to the other.
Korea This wall scroll like painting uses differences in shade and detail. The peonies themselves aren't outlined but suggested through the darker stems and leaves.
Impressionism Precise color placement brings out the detail in the branches and each petal of the almond flowers.
Realism A still life with vibrant colors and uses flowers and other perishable items such as fruits.
Neoclassisim Intricate linework and detail lie focus not only on the figures but also towards the nature and flowers accenting this print.
N. Europe Renaissance This study focuses on only one flower and captures multiple angles as well as the stages of its life from bud to full bloom.
Flemish Baroque Set against a black background the colors of each flower appear more vibrant. The artist has warped the nature of the flowers slightly so that they are all visible individually.
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