From nature; with love - emoni owens

The theme for my gallery is things of and in nature. These are all things that you would be able to find in nature. From trees and flowers, to animals and bodies of water. Aside from that all these painting have a predominant use of green in them. Nature is full of green and these paintings use green undertones, mostly green subjects, or some kind of green in general for an earthy feel. 

The scene in this is what looks to be like a person walking a path. With a lot of grass, surrounding trees, and a river or lake. The blooming trees and overall color directly relate to my theme.
A town after sunset, with boaters coming to shore, horse carriages, ands people walking. This very dark-toned painting has bodies of water, trees in the horizon, and a plethora of animals.
This painting is of skinny trees in winter that have lost all their leaves. They look may be to the side a building or wall. The green, earthy tones, and the trees is how this relates to my theme.
This is four panels that have different things from nature painted in them. A colorful tree (may be a fruit tree), two trees, a beautiful waterfall, and a mountain with people and trees on it.
This reminds me of the cherry blossoms in D.C. Trees, with beautiful vibrant flowers blooming on them and people admiring them. This doesn't have a lot of green in it but still portrays my theme.
A forest, with lots of lively green trees, a water stream, some people, and deer. This,to me, is the epitome of a beautiful nature scene. All of the greens, and the calmly tone reflect my theme.
A blue, stormy ocean, that seems to have caused shipwreck. Even with the blue waters you still have a greenish tone in the waves. There is even some green in the stormy sky.
A herd of sheep, with the herder by a pond. This is a little different from all the other paintings. The land in itself is the focus and takes up majority of them space. The sheep also help to relate.
Lily pads, grass, and flowers on the water. This entire painting in itself is an element of nature. With the very natural, soft colors, this easily connects to my theme.
The most stand out-ish of the most. This is a religious reference. Noah's Ark contained 2 of every animal. This is before they gathered on the Ark. This painting embodies almost every form of nature.
Credits: All media
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