Composition is Cool

I chose composition because it always interests me to see where the artist will place key elements and draw the observers line of sight.

This piece grabbed my interest because it made me imagine figures working their way through a dark cavern.
This painting first drew my attention to the very left where the emperor was sitting I then noticed that he was not just sitting idly by but feeding his birds I found this to be very well composed.
This painting gives off the feeling of a family waiting to get to a new land full of promise.
I liked how this piece has a painting within the painting.
This also was a great use of composition in my opinion with the line of uninspired tax payers off to the left waiting to pay to the tax collectors on the right.
This composition does a great job of drawing your eyes to the center of the painting to the newly wed couple.
The Atlas like figures are the center of attention to all others surrounding them so this piece is a great representation of the main point of interest not always needing to be at the middle.
This piece does a great job of creating a frenzy like mood.
This piece seems to divide perfectly into two halves creating a symmetrical type of composition.
There is quite a bit going on in the 2nd and 3rd quarter of this composition yet my attention was quickly drawn to the lone woman in the woods making me wonder if that was the artists intention.
A great representation of motion and speed within the composition.
This piece creates a feeling of peace and tranquility spending time with friends/family.
A very good composition drawing all the attention to the server of the punch in the center of the piece.
All attention is drawn to the active player at the table within the scene.
So much is going on in the streets but the two ladies in front are the center of attention within this composition.
Credits: All media
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