Celia Rose- college art 

Theme: nature

This painting represents nature through the vast landscape it captures. This painting is very similar to may own painting because both paintings use the pale pink and blue colors in the landscape.
This painting represents nature in by creating a vast over top view of a lake and mountainous piece of land. Both my painting and Hind's painting we used pale pink and blues in the mountain range.
This painting represents nature by capturing a birds eye view of a mountainous range. In both my painting and O'Brien's painting we both used a pink colorful sunset behind the mountain peaks.
This painting represents nature by showing a mountainous range in the background and the ripples of waves in the foreground. Both Collett and I used pink and blue in our color palette to create the illusion of a sunset.
This painting represents nature by showing the landscape of a mountain range. In both In-Sung's painting and my own, we both used blues and pinks in our color palettes when painting the mountains.
Credits: All media
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