Flower gallery

The theme of this exhibition is flowers. Flowers are living species that come in different shapes and sizes. They blossom in spring and send out nice colours that attract the bees. Flowers are beautiful plants that reflect romance and beauty. Ever flower has its own unique smell. The scent is so nice that people have now made it into refreshers for your home. I love flowers and that is one of the reasons I chose them for my exhibition. I have put together an exhibition full of images of flowers that consist of many different types of media. Some of these Medias include photos, structures out of clay and dresses. The images also reflect the four different conceptual frameworks. These are the subjective frame, the structural frame, the cultural frame and the postmodern frame. All the art works range in age as some have been created since 1965. The latest artwork that I display in my gallery is 2011. My love for flowers is beyond words and that is one of the reasons why I have made this gallery. It is also to show people what we have and to teach them to take care of the environment. If they don’t then maybe these flowers won’t exist for the future generation. 

This image reflects the subjective frame.
This image reflects the cultural frame.
This image reflects the Post Modern Frame.
This image reflects the structural frame.
Credits: All media
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