By: Nicole Sahebi

1. I chose this piece because it is pleasing to the eye, as its a combination of a human and a beautiful view. 2. This lovely portrait is obviously from the Renaissance as the use perspective and and emotion is clearly shown.
1. I chose this detailed work of art because it uses a variety of colors which shows nice contrast. 2. This memorable piece of art is obviously from the Renaissance because there is a very detailed background and uses a lot of perspective.
1. I chose this piece of art because it displays a beautiful arrangement of colors. The little girl also reminds me of my cousin which is interesting in my opinion. 2. This piece was from the Renaissance because the humans are given realistic attributes and it uses perspective, as the background is smaller then what is closer.
1. I chose this piece of artwork because I just liked the little girl in the background. 2. This is from the Renaissance because it consists of movement in the drawing and perspective as there is shading in the face and body. Also the background is smaller than everything else.
Credits: All media
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