Colorful Representations of technology in art - jeremy martin

With my passion for technology, I wanted to showcase images that explore the many different methods artists use to showcase technology throughout the years. This gallery is connected by the use of color in the representation of technology of the time period the art pieces were created or from when the inspiration came from.

The 15 inch gun was mounted on a British war ship and was designed to help protect other valuable shipments. The ability to remotely aim and fire the gun was a first of its kind in that time. I really like The pop of red, and the use of gold to make the gun stand out from the rest of the artwork.
The construction of the Tower of Babel as told in the Old Testament of the Bible was a miraculous feat for that time. With little more than simple hand tools they were able to construct a structure far more complex than any ever seen before. The artist used primarily blue and red to really make the background and a few of the people stand out from the building.
While the technology may not be plainly visible in this advertisement, it makes me sit and think about all of the technology, instruments, and controls that are necessary to keep a ship like the one here running smoothly. Rather than completely coloring in the image, the artist use a simple trio of colors and I think it really brings emphasis to the words, as well as the ship.
This is an image from Steve McQueen's film "Prey", of a small reel to reel tape recorder. The recorder is slightly covered in tall grass. While there are many different mechanical parts that allow this device to function, the only two parts that really stand out are the two reels, the one green, and the other red.
These lanterns were skillfully crafted to cast a very bright light through the design of the actual lens. This particular lantern has the lens colored red which makes it stand out against a standard clear or non colored lens. The red color is a bright contrast to the metal housing it is in.
We are all connected via the internet! The non standard coloration of this artwork is what caught my eye. the use of the blue and blue/green for the water agains the plain white for the land really sets the two pieces apart. It is a very simple depiction of the every growing internet, and how no matter where you are, you can be connected to anyone, anywhere across the globe.
I did not see it at first, but the use of negative space in the shape of a light bulb is very creative. This outdoor sculpture is no simple light bulb outline though. The use of vibrant colors, sharp lines, and many geometric patterns really catches the eye, and makes you think of the many different colors that can be cast by a single light bulb.
This depiction of a human bust made out of mechanical parts, and scrap metal can be interpreted many different ways. One aspect is that technology is turning people into machines. making them mindless, and robot like. I particularly like the simple but effect contrast of the green head made out of mechanical parts, to the red body made out of scrap metal pieces.
While we normally try to hide all the mess of cables and connectors for our technology, this artistic display uses them as part of the art. What catches my eye is the use of the yellowish and blue lights and then the emphasis placed on the red cables within the display.
While we may never know exactly how it works, this moving piece of art uses technology to give the inner workings of the brain a mechanical representation. The artwork is motion activated, opens and closes the head, and the inner back light changes colors throughout its demonstration. In this image, the bright colors splitting the head down the middle really caught my eye.
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