Psychological and symbolic use of color in painting

By: Joni Johnson, Joseph Sabo and Melissa Jones

This work shows Uncle Sam with a young girl in his arm and boy in front of him. Uncle Sam is in red, white and blue using the colors to psychologically pull at your patriotism. The writing is in red white and blue. The red shows love for your country, the blue shows the calming effect of Uncle Sam showing everything is okay, as long as you buy a stamp. The white shows the purity and good that Uncle Sam represents.
The color white is normally used as purity but here it is used as something missing as that of a kept woman rising off the lap of her illicit lover. Symbolism is in the painting and colors used as well. The red around the woman's waist insinuates passion while she is garbed in white. There is a cat with a bird in it's mouth on the floor. The man is garbed in dark clothes showing coldness and dark intentions.
The South African Flag is symbolic to the region of South Africa. It is used to show pride of the descendants of South Africa.
This photo is beautiful. The greens and blues make you feel at peace. Its nice and sunny out. The little boy in the photo looks lonely but at peace. The people in the background look as if they are enjoying themselves.
This appeals to psychological aspect. This piece has a lot of grey, which is dreary. The outstretched arms seen to be a sign of relief, such as that of the ending of war. The breaking free of the white bird from the torso symbolizes the thought that maybe peace is ahead.
In this picture, the lush colors used on the flowers express that spring is in full bloom and bringing on the warm summer months. Spring is the time where everything comes back to life and is reborn. The vivid colors spark the happiness that comes along with spring time when everything is in bloom.
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