War Never Changes- Ryan Plowman

War has been around for ages. In the past, war has alway been documented through paintings and writings. Now that we have better technology, modern art depicting war is easier to view and understand. I chose this theme because I have always loved reading about war and watching documentaries about combat. 

This photo shows Abraham Lincoln on the Battlefield of Antietam, an important turning point in the Civil War. This photo is interesting because it gives a glimpse of what life was like during the war.
This picture is interesting because it shows how beautiful, yet terrible, war can be. The majestic horses ride towards each other as the people ride past dead bodies.
This image shows how dark war can be. A man who may have been a banker back home crawls over a dead body of someone who I presume is an enemy that he just killed. It shows that war can change people.
This Soviet propaganda is almost comedic. It shows that the Soviets were putting more and more pressure on Hitler as the war went on. This pressure would eventually build up and crush him.
This image speaks to me in a different way. To me, it shows that everyone looks almost the same. This is interesting, because I interpret it as "all people are the same" which raises the question of why humans fight in the first place.
This is another picture that shows the gruesome darkness that war brings about. A soldier shoots a man with his hands up. This is all too common in war, and the morbid reality of it is that there is nothing we can really do to stop it.
This photo shows the chaos of battle. Men charge forward over the bodies of other men, while others bleed and sit on the ground in terror. Smoke and bodies cover the battlefield.
This image really shows the horror of war. A blind man walks through a field of dark, gaunt bodies. He is very badly wounded. There is a big group of people behind him tending to the dead and wandering aimlessly.
This shows the scale of war. Many ships with probably hundreds of men on them sail in stormy seas. These warships were very common in the mid-17th century. These ships were very deadly in combat.
This image to me brings out the human aspect of war. For many, war casualties just seem like a number on a page. This shows that the people fighting and killing each other are human, just like the rest of us.
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