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These are many things that had to do with colonial life. There are pictures and there are descriptions about it. Some of these things still exist. 

This is a rag doll. The colonial children (mailny girls) played with these dolls. They were very common and popular. They were fun to play with too.
This is colonial currency. The colonists used this and paper money to pay the taxes and pay for other things.
This is a gun that was used in the revolutionary war. The wepons they used were Muskets, Pistols, Rifels, Long Rifels, Knives, Bayonets, Tonahawks, axes, and Cannons.
This is a tax stamp. The American colonists had to pay taxes on paper, paint, glass, ect. But the worst part of it was Parliment placed a tax on tea.
This is a comb made out of silver. Many rich women had this comb. It must of cost a lot of money back in the old days.
These are musical insterments from the old colonial days. There are many flutes. There is one drum in there.
This is the American flag. We are America. I chose this picture because the American Colonists are one of my faveourtie colonies.
This a $20.00 bill from the colonial times. They also had to use this with buying stuff and paying taxes.
This is a quill pen. The colonists and the people from about the 1800 time used these. They did not have pencils like we go. The tips are hand cut. The quill pen is a feather from Gooses wing. They had to use ink for the quill to work.
This is a colonial lottery ticket. The colonists had to buy one of these just like we do. Many colonists bought these tickets. They were very popular. This lottery ticket is from 1767. Some colonists didn't want to waste money on a lottery ticket. Not every one wins.
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