Women Artists Painting Their Worlds

This collection by Misty Krueger highlights women artists who painted images of themselves and the world around them. The purpose of this exhibit is to bring together artists who shared similar goals: to express themselves through paint in a time when women artists were struggling to enter the *public* artistic world. Examples of these artists include Frida Kahlo and Georgia O'Keefe. Both artists were painting in the early 20th century, and ...

Here Frida Kahlo is shown painting a portrait of her father. Kahlo was close to her father, a photographer who inspired her to become an artist. He gave her the tools to begin drawing and painting.
Here is an image of Frida Kahol in front of one of her husband, Diego Rivera's murals. While this is not an image, per se, of her painting her world, her paintings were influenced by Rivera's world.
Kahlo painted a lot of floral/jungle scenes with her favorite animals. This example includes her famous monkey and a dog.
This image of Georgia O'Keefe captures the elegance and beauty of an artist who was well connected in the art world. Like Kahlo, O'Keefe's husband was an artist, and he took this photograph of her.
This is one of my favorite O'Keefe images because it captures the interchange of dark and light, color and absence. This work represents O'Keefe's view of nature.
This image captures what O'Keefe is probably most famous for: painting seductive images of flowers--very large, expressive flowers.
This final image shows O'Keefe literally above the clouds. She painted this after seeing what the clouds look like when flying above them--much like what we see when we fly in a plane. O'Keefe paints the world.
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