armed and ready

a vast journey through armor of the Asian past

this is said to be a cast replica of what is believed to be armor found in the Asian region and is believed to date back around 205 B.C- 24 A.D and is one of the earliest pieces of armor
the armor that is shown here is from the Gaya period which dates back around the 5th century. the Gaya period was the time of the Korean confederacy which had soldiers wear armor such as this shown
the armor shown here is believed to be dated back to the three kingdoms period which was around the 1st to 2nd century. the armor has a lot of unknown things that still need to be discovered.
although not for human its still armor. this armor was found in japan and it is believed to date back around the 6th century. the armor was said to be for horses although it was more of a decoration
the Yoroi or the armor shown here is said to date back in the 14th century. plenty is still unknown about the Japanese armor. the armor is lightweight and was made for a men's built.
this armor from japan is said to date back during the 15th century which is around the time known as the Muromachi period during the time of which the Ashikaga family would be known as shoguns
the iron helmet shown here is a Japanese helmet used for the warriors known as shoguns or better known as Samurais the samurais wore helmets like these up until the late 1800S to early 1900s
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