Age of Mythology- Jason Poarch

My gallery represents Greek Mythology. The artworks shown contain varies Greek gods and goddesses in different mediums.

This painting represents the between the titans and the gods. The battle is referred to as titanomachia. The texture of this painting seems smooth to the touch. The use of light and dark gives it an eerie feeling.
This mosaic piece of a centaur dates from the Hellenistic to the Hadrianic period. The texture is as smooth as the surface used to create this mosaic.
This painting represents the birth of Venus. This painting shows great detail in the form of the figures and the landscape.
This painting represents the relationship between Jupiter and Lo. The artist used great detail in the forming of the face of Jupiter within the fog. The artist use of light and dark shading really brought this painting to life.
This painting represents the battle between Perseus, and a mob, led by Phineus. The artist used taunt lines to represent the movement of the figures. The texture seems smooth to the touch.
This sarcophagus represents a battle between the Greeks and the Amazons. The artist use of positive and negative space gives this piece that three-dimensional feel.
This piece represents two sirens singing as they lure a sailor in to his death. The artist used texture to create details in the hair of the sirens. The figures seem to be smooth to the touch.
This painting represents the peoples offering to the Greek god Saturn. The artist use of space gives the image great detail and depth. The texture seems to be smooth to the touch.
This is the head of Jupiter. The texture of this figure gives it great detail. The hair seems rough to the touch, but the face remains smooth. The eyes have a really dark color to them.
This statue represents Juno. Their are smooth and rough lines throughout the figure. The texture seems to be smooth.
Credits: All media
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