The theme I have chosen for this art gallery is History and Texture. I feel like the things we see have so many things to say about the history that has been before us and the happening around us. I feel like we do not as people cherish it as much. Like holding an old book, or wearing a costume sometimes the little things mean the most.

This to me is very cool. I love the texture all the way around. On the side where there are circles I am sure feel like the side of a seashell one with grooves in it. But this was made in 1984 and it is making history because it looks like it was made in like 2012 which gives it the advantage and peaks people`s interest.
The Piano Bureau. This is a very historic relic it was played by the Philharmonic of Paris and that is super cool because I love music so seeing this is incredible especially if you think who has played it. Another thing is the texture at the top for the sound to come out this to me is interesting because the top is closed off.
This is a bottle made in 1952. For me I love the texture of glass you can do many things with glass you just have to be able to have the gift to be one of those people. I also think history in itself rests in it I would love to of been there and had my input on how the bottle was made and maybe be the first to drink from it
I love the texture in this picture I feel like whenever you touch an old instrument you can feel the history in the object. You can feel the struggle or the love that they put into the music they play
The texture of the paper must be insane I can only imagine how serious the people are that protect this from people destroying such a beautiful piece of history from the 1920`s
This is a 1985 costume of Lady Macbeth`s costume. I love this because of the texture of the jewels on the waist and the silk the dress is made I also love the history of being able to put on this and becoming someone else
I feel like the texture on this glass would be amazing to feel the design the artist put into this and I bet if this glass could talk the stories of history it could share would be divine.
Judging from the texture you can see above the stage the artist really took time to design each line and turn in the metal when he was sculpting this I love going to theaters like this and see what history I can not only feel from the room but from the play the actors are performing
This piece the 2- Crystal- Pillow really intrigued me. This girl looks at peace as she lays on the rocks but for me I wonder if it would be comfortable. The history would be seeing what affect this has on people in the future and seeing what they think of her work
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