Gallery is a collection of landscape paintings 

Painted by Marco Gozzi, this painting displays brilliant colors and detail. The reflections off the water really help bring the detail out in this painting.
Painted by Claude Gellee, the painting gives astounding detail with the way the trees have been done. The background landscape and the river flowing through the center of the painting brings this landscape to life.
Painted by Jacob van Ruisdael, this painting displays two windmills with looks like a church in the background. The main focus of the painting is the little boy and the older gentlemen peering out from his home.
Painted by Jacob van Ruisdael, in this painting the main focus is the church in the background. I like this painting because of the contrast of colors and the way the shade and light appear
Painted by Phillippe de Loutherbourg, this painting focuses on the herder seen riding a donkey moving his cattle along. The detail of the animals depicted in this painting is very nice.
Painted by Pierre-Henri de Valancieens, in this painting you can see different figures depicted. I like this painting because of the beautiful detail displayed on the buildings in the background. Boats can also be seen in the distance along the ocean.
Painted by Joseph Rosa. In this painting you can see a family walking along a trail. The rainbow in the background is very well painted and the colors displayed mesh perfectly.
Painted by John Constable, in this painting the focus is the goat herder which looks to be taking a break while the goats can be seen in the distance eating. I like how in this painting the way the artist focused on the goat herder by lighting up the area
Painted by Thomas Cole, this painting is very detailed. I like how in this painting you can see the water ripples and the vast amounts of what looks like ivy hanging from the rocks. Which would have had taken a large amount of time to do.
Painted by Jacob van Ruisdael, I chose this painting because of how it represents how winter looks like. The detail of how the snow is still on the trees and the figures seen is really amazing.
Credits: All media
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