Portraits, still lifes, landscapes, and busts

This piece by West reminds me of the silence before a storm. The painting holds a type of unsettling stillness.
Tis painting is balanced. All the colors are subtle earth tones and agree with each other.
This painting displays a family of women. It appears that the women were prepared for the session, for they all, even the young girls, wear heavy blush and formal outfits.
This portrait demonstrates a unique kind of beauty. The woman's face is not perfectly symmetrical and she possesses bulging features, which was not normally considered beautiful.
The colors in this painting are warm and somewhat comforting. The man is flushed and appears to be a hard worker.
There is a lot of contrast in this piece and is very elegant. The man displays masculinity and prestige.
This appears to be a rough sketch of an angelic character. She is a cherub-like woman drawn to proportion and elegantly shaded.
This is a painting of two sisters. The one showing her face has a kind of demur, almost like she is unwilling to be painted.
This is a very high-keyed painting with minimal contrast. The colors are almost like pastels. This is a self portrait from the artist.
This painting has many dark values. It is a portrait of a man with a plant at his side; perhaps he is a botanist of some sort.
This is a photorealistic painting of a bowl of fruit. The artist did a good job on captivating the lusciousness of his subjects.
This is another bowl of fruit, extremely low-keyed compared to the piece before it. This painting possesses more of a somber quality.
This is a portrait of a man who appears to be upscale in society. He has a certain grace about the methods in which he is carried.
This painting has mostly warm colors and very little negative space. It is cluttered in a natural way in that the artist composed the mess in a realistic way.
This is a low keyed painting. The media appears thin and wispy, rather than thick and rich.
I'm not normally a big fan of landscapes, but i thoroughly enjoy the overall olive tone of this painting. It is very soft and does a good job of depicting the beauty of nature.
I enjoy the various values and bright colors in this piece. The composition and background are also intriguing to me.
This is another high-keyed painting and appears to be more of a quick piece, created for scientific purposes. The artist did a good job of capturing the physical features of the animals.
This is the bust of a young boy from the 1700's. The facial expression and the softness of the features demonstrates his child-like innocence.
This is a bust of Christopher Columbus. I admire the artist's work, although I don't necessarily admire Columbus himself.
This is an exquisite bust crafted by Rush. I enjoy the choice of gold color because it gives the sculpture a type of regality.
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