Art by Wassily Kandinsky

This is work done by one of my favorite artist Wassily Kandinsky . He's known for his work done in the 19th century.

This is one that I really liked because of the different shapes and color shown in the painting. I believe it is called white zig zags because there are small white zig zag lines within the picture.
This is also another picture I like because you have to really use your imagination to figure out whats going on in the picture. For example, the title is called blue rider so you would have to think
Just like the last picture shown, on this picture you would also have to use your imagination to figure out whats really going on in this picture. In my eye of view I see really two women in the photo
Now this picture is a little different from the others. It kind of looks a little blank with a bunch of stuff just added to the picture but I do like this image because it looks like a house portrait.
This painting is my favorite because of the color that is being used in the picture. It looks like it didn't take a lot of time to paint this portrait but it some how looks the best to me .
Now this portrait clearly looks like a compass and I am pretty sure it is by the title. This picture also looks like a portrait you would put in your house.
Now this picture looks like his most detailed art. This one is my second favorite because it has a comforting feeling to the picture as if I was to be at peace.
Now this last photo kind of looks like my favorite picture. It looks like it didn't take too long to create but it looks different than your normal photo and thats what makes it better than the rest.
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