How do artists show texture?  Whether it is an object, animal, or human, the way lines are drawn and painted creates texture. The artist allows you to imagine how that person or thing would feel.  Look at the gallery of images to see different textures.

This first image is abstract, but has the look and texture of tangled yarn to me. What do you see or how do you think this would feel?
This wood carving really looks like corn. Notice the lines and shapes carved for the kernels.
This artist is my favorite here. The image is a car, but it looks like jute and metal. Pretty hairy vehicle.
This is another from the same artist. Look closely at the buildings. They look like fiber and fabric.
Summer is one of the 4 season paintings. The textures of the fruit and husks are so real.
Van Gogh is the master of texture lines in his work. Look at the self-portrait next.
See how to draw and paint short animal hairs with this weasel.
Frida Kahlo shows a good example of human hair, clothing and different animal hair texture. Now it is your turn to try and draw your animal and show texture with your lines.
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