Gallery of Lines: Lily Robbins

This Gallery is to describe different lines in artwork and what lines represent or show. 

The tree's lines are vertical making them seem strong and tall. The tree's with thicker lines look stronger than the tree's with thin lines.
There are many horizontal lines making the painting look calm. There are many horizontal lines, making the painting look stable.
The lines in this painting are curved. the curved lines give a sense of movement.
There are many weighted lines in this painting. The lines are thicker on the ground.
This painting shows diagonal lines. The diagonal lines make the painting look unbalanced and restless.
This painting has many thin lines. They look fragile and cluttered.
This image has contour lines. The lines create edges and boundaries.
This painting shows gesture lines. The tree's have short quick lines showing movement.
This painting has actual lines. There are lines that make the buildings and windows.
This painting has textured lines. The lines in the tree's move upward and curve, showing movement.
Credits: All media
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