Gifted HANDS 

This Art Gallery includes painting and artwork from gifted artist. These paintings all have one thing in common Gifted Hands. Gallery created by: Dondrell Franks 

Here we have a pig-footed bandicoot drawn by Gerard Krefft. This picture has no color at all just really good shading that gives this bandicoot a 3D look. I chose this piece for the great lines and great shading.
This is a painting of a Valley with a spring running threw it and a white top volcano. This painter paid close attention to the small details. The small details were executed very well.
A lake with a couple of deers looking off with a beam of light shinning down. The colors were blended very well. To blend colors like this is a gift.
A pioneer sitting on a log looking up to a female. Frederick McCubbin pulled your attention to the center of the photo with out taking anything from the other ones. The contrast is amazing.
Train running thru a small town. This picture do not have tight lines or great blends. But it the texture of this painting is very smooth and clean.
Some letters taped to a board with two pistols, a razor, and a pair of scissors. The lines in wood can not be overlooked. The lines in the wood and letter print are outstanding.
Three boys walking home from fishing. The colors and attention to the small details makes this picture standout. The colors are outstanding and nice lines work.
Jesus walking toward a crowd of people. This painting has great details, tight and neat lines, and brush work is incredible. I like everything about this painting.
Naked man, woman, and child. Great brush work I also like the colors he went with. He made everything look so real even the dirt on the ground. Very talented painter.
A woman playing a harp on the back of an eagle. The eagle looks very realist due to the line work and small details on the chest and wings of the eagle. The great details in the gown and woman.
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