lesley's color gallery

These images will be showing differences in between the colors that are used in the paintings. 

This painting shows primary colors because you can see how the artist uses very warm colors to show a warm beautiful day.
In this painting you can see that the artist uses secondary colors because of the way that he puts the darker blue colors working in the painting and makes it look like it is a chilli day by the water.
This image shows to be a good example of tertiary colors because you can see that the clothing worn here are the colors of orange and red and green..
This image would show Tetradic colors because of the blue, orange and red in this painting and how they corroporate.
This painting is a good example that shows for analogous colors, because you can see that the red isn't completely a dark red, it's a bit mixed with orange and the darkest shadows in the image are a purple with red. These colors are analogous colors.
This is a great example for complementary because of how the artist makes the darker colors combine and come together with the color white to make it look more alive and between light and dark somehow.
This painting shows split complementary because it has the main colors of blue and orange with some dark red.
Thsi painting most definitely shows warm colors such as red, yellow and orange giving the person looking at this painting a warm feeling of the weather in the image.
This image shows cool colors giving the person viewing this a cool feeling of when being in the place.
This painting is a good example of monochromaric because you see the values of the color green.