Art 110 Space

Kyle Rosinski

Transparency of space It is hard to tell where many of the staircases begin and end. The walls along the staircases are see through revealing yet another set of stairs.
Transparency This second example showcases a beautiful beach, however in the background is a dim looking building possibly showing how man takes away mother natures beauty.
One-Point Perspective All of the figures face towards a vanishing point in the center rear of the painting. Also the way the structures are set up, they also lead towards the same vanishing point.
Two-Point Perspective What looks like sideways triangles leads the eye to either the left or right, each having its own vanishing point. The painting is not centered but set slightly off to the right.
Multiple-Point Perspective Focused at the center, the eye can be lead to a variety of vanishing points leading in all directions of the picture.
Amplified Perspective Jesus and Mary are bright while at the same time taking up most of the portrait. The background is dark and almost un-noticeable in comparison to the two figures in the foreground.
Aerial Perspective A painting that is full of color and detail in the foreground fades into a blueish gray background. The background almost seems hazey and lacking in detail
Overlapping The building looks as if it is one image repeated three times, each overlapping each other. The overlapping gives off a sense of depth to what would be an otherwise two dimensional piece
Vertical Location The city at the bottom of the painting is closer than the larger looking mountain in the background. Although the mountain is larger, the city at the bottom draws the eye and slowly leads it to the top of the painting (the mountain).
No Depth It is hard to decipher what is closer than the other and also the depth of the painting changes.
Exaggerated Size The wings seem very enlarged and disproportionate compared to the figures body size.
Size The flower "in front" is larger to make it look like it is closer than the smaller flower to the right of it.
Credits: All media
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