Black & beautiful by Christian McCord

My theme for this gallery is to display depictions of social commentary, darkness, positivity, negativity, powerful, vintage, and imaginative art pieces in black culture.  The subject theme is influenced by nature, history, music, and love with visuals of perspective, pattern, contrast, and movement. Picked by various artist who were either black or made art that could easily been interpreted into black culture. 

This subject on history depicts people of african culture celebrating in a parade. The visual theme here is movement with the people dancing around gleefully while playing instruments.
This subject in history depicts that words can in fact be hurtful and damaging with discrimination. The visual theme here is suppose to represent movement a embrace empowerment to victims of racism.
This subject in history depicts a couple of racist stereotypes in black culture. The visual theme is going for a more satristic perspective as sort of mocking those stereotypes rather than displaying.
The subject of this piece appears to be inspired by music with the name Composition. The visual theme presented here is contrast with it's splats of ink to trick the eye to have own interpretation.
The subject presented here is love as it shows a community helping out each other in everyday life. The visual aspect comes from movement of the broke down car being stuck in traffic.
The subject beautifully syncs in with love as a passionate astronaut is looking through the window in space gazing at the stars with visuals centered around colors for the stars.
This is a subject in history of an old poster of a musical back in 1934 starring a black cast. The visuals of the poster is very colorful and there are many places for the eye to land on.
The subject is connected to love with a closeup of hands being held. Visually centered around both color and pattern as both hands of different color sync and fingers that line up together.
The subject of history has to do with the poster being the theme of Black History Month. The visuals connect with contrast, color, and pattern with the top inverting at the bottom as a reflection.
This subject in history is from the cover of an old book of "Great Negroes" from 1933. The visuals come from pattern and texture as the letters on the cover are scrambled and the old texture of the book.
Credits: All media
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