Alek Risteski

Color Schemes 

This color scheme is a Triadic Color scheme. The colors used to make it triadic are blue, red, and yellow. The mood of this painting shows off a cozy feeling, as it is in a persons home.
This painting shows a complementary color scheme. It shows blue and orange as the main colors. This painting shows the mood of serenity and relaxation.
This painting shows a Monochromatic color scheme. It is monochromatic because it has the different shades of blue throughout the painting. The mood is a calm feeling as it shows the beautiful sky.
This painting shows a Warm color scheme. It uses reds, yellows, and oranges to portray the Warm color scheme affect. The mood of this painting is neutral as it is a painting of someones face.
This painting shows a Cool color scheme. The colors used are blues, some purple, and green making it a cool color scheme. The mood of this painting is sad in a way. The women looks sad.
This painting shows an Analogous color scheme. It shows a combination of yellows, yellow-orange, and orange, making it the Analogous color scheme. The mood of this painting is peacefulness.
Credits: All media
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