See how they run

Here we will explore movement as it is portrayed using paint as the medium. Gallery by: Angelina Castellano-O'Leary

Suite: Olympic Centennial Solidarity (1991) - Ahmed Shahabuddin This oil painting located in the Olympic Museum (Switzerland) is a portrayal of three runners. Through the techniques used here, we can deduct that the runners are demonstrating great effort.
Flow (2011) - Siyon Jin This painting is an oil on canvas depicting a projection of the movement of LED lights. Siyon Jin has famously incorporated the movement of light into his artwork since 2008 (Google Cultural Institute -Seon, Mi)
The Waltz (1893) - Félix Vallotton Although titled "The Waltz," this oil on canvas is actually a depiction of couples twirling on an ice rink. This painting was completed during the "Nabi Movement" which allowed to set realism aside and simplify shapes. The way that the artist chose to represent the couples clearly provides a sensation of circular motion.
The Idea-Motion-Fight: Dedicated to Karl Liebknecht (1919) - Johannes Molzahn This oil on canvas comes from German artist Johannes Molzahn. I chose this piece in particular because there seems to be movement happening in all different directions due to the fact that the author chose to layer sections. This painting is located in the Lehmbruck Museum.
Boulevard des Capucines (1873-1874) - Claude Monet I chose this piece because I have always been a fan of Monet's work. This oil on canvas shows a busy urban area of Paris, France. Through a variation of brush strokes forming the people, Monet creates the sensation of movement.
Barrel of Fun (1943) - Reginald Marsh The Barrel Fun was located in the Coney Island Amusement Park in New York (Google Cultural Institute). In this representation, we can clearly see the rotation of the barrel which is causing the crowd to fall, waver, and sit. You can predict the path of the woman in red due to the way her body is positioned and angled in perspective to the other patrons.
Rhythm 73-2A (1973) - Jae Gil Woo In this oil on canvas, we see a "sangmo" which is a hat worn during a performance with Korean Folk Music, Nong-ak (Google Cultural Institute), in motion. The ribbon twirls around creating swirling and swooping patterns.
The Starry Night (1889) -Vincent van Gogh Vincent van Gogh's "Starry Night" is one of the most famous paintings in history and has been reimagined several times. Through color variation and rotating brush strokes, we get a sense that the sky is rolling like wind. Movement is so prominent in this panting that there is now an optical illusion that allows you to see van Gogh's artwork actually comes to life.
Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji: The Great Wave Off the Coast of Kanagawa (Edo period, 19th century) - Katsushika Hokusai This painting is located in the Tokyo National Museum. This particular painting is just one of a 46 print series depicting various aspects of Mount Fuji (Google Cultural Institute). The sharp color contrasts and how the choppiness of the water creates a sense of drama and suggests that not only is the water moving, it is moving roughly.
Rhythmic Composition in Yellow Green Minor (1919) - Roy de Maistre This oil on paperboard was created by syncing color with music by way of painting color keyboards and wheels with individual colors synced with specific musical tones (Google Cultural Institute). The idea was to create unity between music and color. This painting was literally created by the movement of music in response to assigned colors.
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