Bill Of Rights

By: Adam Gonzales

AMENDMENT 1 In this picture there are trees with green, orange, yellow, and no leaves. In this translation the leaves represent the freedom of religion. In the U.S. you can have different religions or you can even have no religions.
AQMENDMENT 2 Citizens have the right to keep, carry, and own guns for their own protection.
AMENDMENT 3 No citizen in the time of peace shall be forced to quarter soldiers. This women is kicking a someone out of her house.
AMENDMENT 4 Before amendment 4 soldiers could search whomever they pleased for whatever reason. Now they can only search if they have a warrant or probable cause.
AMENDMENT 5 Her mouth is shut and her face expressionless as is her right. According to amendment 5 she doesn't have to testify against herself.
Amendment 6 Back then people would be tried unfairly and in ridiculous trials. Now citizens have the right to a fair trial by jury.
AMEDMENT 7 Amendment 7 says citizens have the right to have a jury trial to settle disputes from citizen to citizen in matters of $20 or more. If this fortune teller influences this women to do something hurtful to herself than the women may demand a trial over her case.
AMENDMENT 8 Amendment 8 says there shall be no excessive bails, fines, or punishments. This women has been banished into a 2D world because she had vandalized a garage door. This punishment is excessive.
AMENDMENT 9 her arm is not shown but you know its there. That is like the rights of americans that are not listed in the constitution are still respected
AMENDMENT 10 The man on here has no arms meaning he has almost no control. But he still has little power. This is like the federal government having little control over what the states laws are. But the federal government still restricts them slightly
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