Art's a process

Micah Abe                                                                                       In this gallery I wanted to show off Hawaii's art scene while focusing specifically on it’s street art. Each photo shows off pieces of work from an organization called POW! WOW!. This organization puts on an event once a year where they invite artist from around the world to come and paint a mural in Hawaii. This gallery shows murals from 2012 - 2015. The idea behind this gallery is there is beauty in the process. I wanted to emphasize the importance of the creative process an artist goes through while completing their piece, their successes as well as their mistakes. Watching artist work gives you a snippet of what’s going on in their mind. Instead of guessing what the artist was thinking you'll actually know and understand why they did the things they did. A lot of artist actually welcome you to come and watch them, you can talk to them and ask them questions you may have. Many of the photos show the artist using lifts, scaffolding, and ladders to actually reach their wall, that’s just one of the issues artist face and it’s important that people understand the blood, sweat, and tears artist put into their piece. 

This mural is done by Trav in 2014 I decided to use this as my first artwork in my gallery because of its vibrant color that stands out. Hawaii should be recognized as somewhere of beautiful artwork.
This photo of Askew working on his mural shows a process he's taking to finish his piece. some parts are finished while some are still just outlines
Tristan Eaton working on his piece in a lift. This shows a process of how he had to outline his entire mural before actually going in a adding color
This photo shows Kamea (one of the creators of pow! wow!) working on his portrait on a scaffold I've been on one of them and they aren't the most stable things to be on but it has to be done.
Vhils uses a chisel instead of paint to create his mural. chipping away at the brick and old paint. Something new and very interesting to watch.
This photo of Remio working shows the safety gear artist must wear. the face mask as well as gloves to protect themselves.
This photo shows Andrew Schoultz working on his mural while standing on a ladder. takes a lot of work to keep moving the ladder around so he can actually get to the spot he wants to work on
This picture is really interesting to me. This shows Katch working on his mural. He placed a ladder on top of his scissor lift because just the lift wouldn't get close enough to his wall.
This photo emphasizes the height in the mural. It puts a perspective on how much the artist actually covered with paint. It shows how much hard work he put into his artwork
This mural done by Reach also shows a scale on how big this piece actually is. Emphasizing the hard work artist put in. covering so much in paint.
This mural done by James Jean shows how the environment can cause a problem when creating a piece. for example when it rains. Painting when it rained isn't the easiest thing to do
This mural is a collab with multiple artist. really interesting to see how they work together to create this piece. This picture also shows multiple ways to get to their selected spots.
Credits: All media
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