The use of thick and thin lines, along with the heaviness of those lines, creates texture in this piece.
The layering of oil paint on the canvas creates a visible texture across the painting. The artist also uses different shades of color to create texture.
A smooth texture is reflected in the bust's face, while her hair has a still smooth but more rough texture.
One of the main focuses of this painting is the man's long, curly mane. The painter portrays the texture of the hair by using different shades of color and swirling shapes.
The smooth surface of this sculpture is contrasted by the various colors within the wood medium, creating the illusion of a non-smooth texture.
The artist's technique of using conte crayon on paper creates a more blurred image with a fuzzy texture.
This photograph showcases dry leaves against a lace background. The textures are similar yet still contrasting, and make the image seem delicate.
This piece is filled with texture, created by the painted shapes and the layering of metal sculptures throughout the piece.
Smooth glass is etched with a design image, and a metal ring around the top is also smooth but with rough edges.
This photograph contrasts the smooth, silky water with the fine ridges and details in the person's fingerprints.
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