The Visual Arts

Jenifer Castillo-Art/100-February 22, 2016-Christopher Fazzi

The use of soft colors and shadows is used to create the sober and restrained mood. This is an intimate scene between a mother and son, which is different from other paintings of the same subjects.
The unique thing about this painting is how everyone's attitude and movement is different. Instead of painting only a scene, the artist uses perception and depth to show each person's story.
A wind is captured in the piece and can be felt by the movement of the fabric. Light and perspective are minimal as the focus is on telling the stories of the different characters.
Raphael's first use of the female form using front and back views. The background is sfumato, giving it a smoky, mysterious perspective.
Da Vinci changed the subject's perspective by having her glace downward. This was unique for portraits. He also put a lot of emphasis on the details in her hair to make her seem more life like.
The artist used bold and contrasting colors to tell the love story. The shadows create a luxurious fabric depth and the perspective from the background brings the focus forward.
The height of the dome was created to make you feel tiny standing before God. The circle of open at the top is the only light that is shining down from the heavens. This artist captures the grandness.
Credits: All media
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