Kia's Women Gallery

My Collection is about art of women (both representational and ideal) iin different regions and areas before the 1400s

I chose the work because it is similar to one of the first women representational art that was presented to the class. This female figure is an representation of the ideal women from Ancient Greece.
Ultimately I picked this piece because of the catering done to Sonsaos. It seems as like the little people are taking care of her afterdeath (much like how she was prepared for it).
Originally I picked this because of looked the like a women who has carrying a burden by carrying something that's half her size. The peace showcase the importance of appearance to Egyptians.
I also picked this figure of the relation I saw to other similar figures I have learned about before. This figure shares the same "ideal" purpose. Compared to others the figure has a bit more realism .
This vase was chosen because of the vulnerability of the act of being nude by the toilet. The artist stripped the subject bare and showcased her doing something private for most people.
I picked this based off it's purpose to bring fertility to women. This figure is in a sitting position with many human facial characteristics.
I picked this because of my liking for Venus figures. And this happens to appears pregnant. A sign of fertility woman
The art piece was chosen because it "vulgar" image. The woman's genital area is greatly englarge and not so much like the real woman. The purpose of the figure is to serve as a bowl.
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