this gallery is about how the color red is commonly used by high ranking people but also the meanings behind the color in different ways.

In this painting you can definitly see how the color red is commonly used for authoritave figures.
In this piece you can see that Elizabeth is wearing a light color of red which can mean that she is passionate and that she is also sensitive as well.
The council chair when looking at this piece you see that the chair is made of gold and a dark red. since dark red is being used it represents that the person who sits in this chair most likely has the following traits; Leadership, Courage, Willpower, and Wrath.
In this piece of "A Royal Marriage Scene" you can see somewhat of multiple shades of red used from light red which is showing passion, and joy, to dark red that represents courage in this painting.
In this picture we have another good example of red with authoritive figures like the queen of scots here. As seeing that the queen is dressed in a light red its more than likely that the painter is trying to represent her passion. 
in this painting the reason why i chose this one is because it has a good amount of color in it but also since this gallery is about the color red and how is primarily used for authoritative figures. in this painting you can see how the artist used a variety of the color red like a brownish red on some of the knight where it show their masculinity to a red that shows their leadership and passion to their kinsmen.
in this painting done by Queen Alexandra in this painting she is trying to show her passionate side along with her sensitive, passiveness, romantic, and her joy while being an authoritative figure.  
in this painting you see how king Charles I isn't wearing any red but as you see M. de St Antoine is wearing a dark brownish red to where he is showing his masculinity but as well as his leadership position.
the reason why i chose this painting is because in this painting he is showing as i think of is his presence of power with the gold sashes and showing some of the royal colors.
the two crowns a painting that has a lot of red in like the brownish red, pink, and dark red. as you can see with the colors used you can definitely tell the the person on the horse just came back home after a victory on the battlefield. were i get this is that pink has multiple meanings but one that sticks out more in this would be joy.
in this picture we have a piece of armor from a samurai one of the most high ranking people in asia. while looking at this when you think how this was made the Chinese wanted to show who was leader so they would give their top soldiers this armor and would emphasize on the color red to show their rank. 
in this picture of armor of some knights parade armor if you look at the plume on the knights helmet, the message being sent out during the parade is that the red is being matched with justice and as well as the harmonious balance of white which is matched with compassion.
in this picture we have another set of armor but his piece of armor belongs to the Prince of Asturias and seeing pieces of armor like this would mainly be used for royal paintings or being along side of the king to be along side of the soldiers before battle. including since there is a red sating in this it would mean that this person is most likely showing someone of high authority.
here we got a portrait of a person usually a knight doesn't get a painting like this unless they are very important. since this armor he was wearing is made off high value materials including red satin outlining of the armor, you would think that this person is a personal guard to the king's family.
in this last picture of armor what you see is how detailed this armor is with the main black armor on the bottom but then you have the gold detail. armor like this back then would most likely bee seen on either the king or the kings right hand knight. Including the style of the plume its showing not just how high ranked the person is but a sense of pride and safety, this effect will cause the people to be able to relax a bit when seeing a person wearing armor like this. 
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