Lord of the Flies                 By William Golding             

 Docent: Gabrielle Kemp

Selected Epigraph: The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder I chose this quote for my selected epigraph because I thought it connected really well with the book. First of all, these boys crashed onto an island without any parents. The island really wasn't extremely big, but to them (without parents) it was huge, but in reality it was quite small. These boys learned so many valuable things on this island which broadened their "shoreline of wonder" about anything. Piggy especially was curious and this quote really connects with him.
Universal Theme- I chose many Universal themes that I thought matched this book. The one main theme that I thought correlated with this story the best was fear. These kids are on an island alone without parents and this is the first time they have to take care of themselves. The littluns find this "monster" that creates fear throughout the group. Another universal theme that summarizes this book is leadership and loyalty. Ralph showed a lot of leadership when he volunteered himself as chief. Everyone had to be loyal to him because if they weren't everything would go downhill. Although this did happen towards the end, they all stayed as one group for a fair amount of the book. Mandala: https://docs.google.com/a/ccpsnet.net/document/d/1q3ONDE3CKxtg8ffBWIBxTrUeCUxYvecyV_1FcrSQNwU/edit?usp=sharing
Tone: Cynical The definition of cynical is that one is only interested in one's own interest. This to me, makes me think of Ralph and Jack because they are both very self-centered. Ralph "volunteered" himself as chief and basically took over the group. He doesn't care what anyone else wants to do. The decisions he makes are what goes and no one has a say. It's as if he is a dictator. This also reminds me of Jack because although Jack was friends with Ralph, he still had his own army of men. He also didn't take into consideration what others said, and he made his own choices despite what Ralph said. I chose this picture of George Washington with "slaves" to go with the tone. The reason I chose this was because although he was not self-centered, he made the decisions of the country and because he was the first president he had to make a lot of his own decisions. Washington is definitely not as bad as Ralph and Jack, but he has some of the same non self-centered traits.
Historical Setting: Before/During WWII Although this book does not specifically state the time period of this book, there are some clues as the when this took place. Fist off, in the book takes place on an unknown island where their plane crashed. On the back of the book, in the synopsis, it states that the boys crashed within the WWII time period. Piggy and Ralph meet and talk about the nuclear war that was occurring at the time they met. This means that the book took place during WWII. I chose this picture because of the way the boys got to the island. Their plane crashed and while they did survive, the polite did not.
Connections: T-W As I was reading this book I found a text to world connection. The connection is between Ralph and Hitler. In both situations the group of people (country in Germany's case) was wrecked, scared, and most importantly did not know what to do. Because of this, both groups needed someone to take the lead, and frankly they didn't care who. This is when Hitler and Ralph saw the chance to step up and take control. At first this seemed to work, but as time went on, both parties regretted their choices. For Germany it was WWII and in The Lord of The Flies is was Jack killing Piggy and all of the boys "leaving" Ralph.
A Day in the Life I chose this picture to represent my protagonist (Ralph) because he represents leadership. As I have been saying, he is the chief and has shown a tremendous amount of leadership. This is a flyer that is asking for people to join the army, and in my opinion, if you do you are proving how much of a leader you truly are. Link to A Day in the Life: https://docs.google.com/a/ccpsnet.net/document/d/1nFc-RQWbOko2DWHASKq64xMvN3xmoaEqFKxV4yEdnvU/edit?usp=sharing
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