Whose LINE is it Anyway?

 A carefully curated collection of art focusing on the use of lines.  

I chose this particular piece because I love the typography of the Louis Vuitton logo on the apply and the way the lines create movement. It also allow the object to feel 3 dimensional.
I love that this piece seems very simple and complex all at the same time. the use of line to create depth and texture is amazing.
In this piece the lines not only help to create symmetry but also help create value. The colors are simple and I found this piece of work whimsical.
I love that the lines create a "patina" effect. This piece felt very organic to me.
The lines in this work demonstrate surrealism. I like the movement of the piece and the textures that the lines seem to create.
This piece could be considered surrealism as well. I like that the paint seems to drip down the campus. The use of lines keeps this painting very vertical and strong.
I adore this piece. The lines are engaging. The painting has a peaceful energy, and seems very natural. It reminds me of some peruvian weaving work my mother has collected.
This piece has some incredible line work. I love the use of the blue and black to create contrast and the depth that the overlapping lines create.
In this piece we see straight and curved lines mixed together. The artist uses back lines to create definitive spaces but also uses line when changing colors.
I chose this piece because of the simple lines, rectangelsand squares used and the soft lines of the body.
This piece uses two parallel horizontal lines on the torso, a perpendicular line separating the legs and a beautiful rectangle serves as a nose.
This piece uses layers of lines to create structure and depth. It is done in metal but so eloquently that it has a soft feel.
I chose this piece because I like the geometric shapes the line create, and I like harlequin patterns.
This collage uses lines to make connections between the subjects.
Clearly this is a complicated piece involving line to create texture, movement, value, and perspective.
This collage (my favorite medium) uses line to draw the eye across the canvas. Only then can the full meaning of the piece be understood. It is a success in providing organization among the chaos.
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