Northern Renaissance important artists

by: Brandon Levin 

This artist is an important Flemish painter during the Northern Renaissance and included a lot of detail in his altars.
This is another of one of his altars and you can just notice all of the incredible detail that he uses.
Metsys is another very important painter in the Northern Renaissance. He is also a flemish realism painter and is known for his incredible detail. the the book behind the virgin, you can see the words
This is massys painting that makes fun of these rich and "pretty" duchesses during the northern renaissance
Durer was a german painter who painted mostly portraits. This is a prime example of how much detail went into these paintings.
Bosch liked to paint darker things. He was still a very skilled artist and put a lot of hard work into them.
Very much detail went into this. you can see a reflection in the small glass vial behind the man.
The detail that jan van Eyck puts into his paintings are amazing. It's extraordinary how detailed he can get with a paint brush.
Credits: All media
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