Dinner For Five With World War II Icons 

By Maddie Burdette 

My location is aboard the USS Missouri. I chose this location becasue it was the place were the war was endend and all of my guests are well know for what they did during World War II.
Menu Appetizer- Bruschetta Main Dish- Fettuccine Carbonara Side- Caprese Salad with Balsamic Dressing Dessert- Tiramisu
Mr. Roosevelt, would you have dropped the atomic bombs on Japen if you were still alive? Mr. Roosevelt is invited because he was a great American icon during World War II.
Mr. Churchill did you feel you were hated by your people during WWII? Winston Churchill is on my guest list because he worked hard to protect his people during World War II.
Ms. Frank what was it like to grow up and be a child during World War II? I invited Anne because she was very strong. She was around my age when she was in hiding and I would like to know how she felt.
Mr. Truman do you regret dropping the bombs on Japan? I invited Mr. Truman because he helped end World War II. I also would like to know what he felt about drooping the bombs.
Do you feel you played an important role with helping the people during World War II?
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