A Showcase of Monet By Kelly H, VISA 1Q98 Spring 2015

Claude Monet was an artist who lived from 1840-1926. He was a key figure during the impressionist era, a time which emphasized light and colour. He often painted what was around him, this is key to the famous water lilies images. I chose 7 images that depicted that era of impressionalism. Monet's view of painting according to Sturken and Cartright (2009) was to depict subtle changes by shifting light and colour over a period of time (p.165). By painting at different times of a day he would get different movements and variations in colour patterns in what he was painting. I think the colour changes are all evident in the images that I have chosen in the collection. In each image you can almost see a variation in in the water or the sky moving, or the pattern of the leaves blowing, that is what Monet was attempting to grasp with his style of painting by observing and recording the changes in light and colour during the painting sessions (p.165).Monet would often create numerous paintings of the same images, this way he would show differing images of light reflections and varrying patterns of colour. 

Credits: All media
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